plastid.util.scriptlib.template module

This is a template for a command-line script. To write a script, edit this file, making changes as necessary, Make changes below as necessary, and, when finished, update this docstring.

Command-line arguments

Optional arguments

Argument Description
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--foo  FOO Some argument foo

Script contents

plastid.util.scriptlib.template.main(argv=['-T', '-E', '-b', 'readthedocs', '-d', '_build/doctrees-readthedocs', '-D', 'language=en', '.', '_build/html'])[source]

Command-line program

argv : list, optional

A list of command-line arguments, which will be processed as if the script were called from the command line if main() is called directly.

Default: sys.argv[1:] (actual command-line arguments)