Citing plastid

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Dunn, JG and Weissman JS (2016). Plastid: nucleotide-resolution analysis of next-generation sequencing and genomics data. BMC Genomics 17:958 doi://10.1186/s12864-016-3278-x

The full BibTeX entry is:

author   = "Dunn, Joshua G. and Weissman, Jonathan S.",
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journal  = "BMC Genomics",
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volume   = "17",
number   = "1",
pages    = "958",
abstract = "Next-generation sequencing (NGS) informs many biological questions with unprecedented depth and nucleotide resolution. These assays have created a need for analytical tools that enable users to manipulate data nucleotide-by-nucleotide robustly and easily. Furthermore, because many NGS assays encode information jointly within multiple properties of read alignments ― for example, in ribosome profiling, the locations of ribosomes are jointly encoded in alignment coordinates and length ― analytical tools are often required to extract the biological meaning from the alignments before analysis. Many assay-specific pipelines exist for this purpose, but there remains a need for user-friendly, generalized, nucleotide-resolution tools that are not limited to specific experimental regimes or analytical workflows.",
issn     = "1471-2164",
doi      = "10.1186/s12864-016-3278-x",
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